November 27 2016

Clearing the fire pit

In the woods behind the paddocks is where the previous owners had their bonfire.  Beneath the leaves, there was a very, very big pile of ash – complete with lots of things that had not burnt, including lots of metal, tiles, bricks and plastics, as well as plates, mugs and many other things that could not be identified!

It took Teresa and me most of the day, but eventually we managed to clear out the things that could still burn and put that aside ready for a fire, took out the the bits that would not burn ready to dump, and then flattened out the “ash”.  It was more like soil, and so it was not easy to move.  In the end, we decided that we would not try to flatten it all, but would try and create a bit of a ridge around the area to make it more like a fire pit, in the hope that this would also try and contain the fires and stop them spreading into the woods.

After finishing up the fire pit, we then had a go at cutting the grass.  It was not entirely successful – but hopefully I now have a better idea of how to use the mower and so it should be easier next time – probably next year!


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